You CAN have it all.

You just don't have to

DO it all alone.

Hi! I’m Meghan.

Your accountability specialist.

I’ve been there.

Ripe with burnout, drowning in credit card debt, and knowing there’s got to be something more to life than this.

So I made a choice.


Every time when I'm working on one of my different responsibilities and I feel frustrated or stuck again, I hear her voice in my head! She's an amazing coach and will help you move forward to whatever you do without any kind of judgment whatsoever. I highly highly recommend working with Meghan - it'll be one of the best things you can do for yourself!​

Maxi S.


Wellness Advocate


Meghan Johnson is incredible and an expert in her profession. I came to her vulnerable, open, and with frustration. I was feeling stuck and feeling like I was hitting a wall when it came to creating content or creativity in my business. I knew I needed help but I just didn't know how to get back on track. I could see the traction slipping, clients falling behind, and over all a down hill spiral happening. I met Meghan at the perfect time in my career and she set me back on fire. I left our conversation feeling empowered, full of energy, and ready to do the damn thing! Her technique is powerful and she somehow has a way of getting your true intention out in the open.

Priscilla J.


Personal Trainer

YouR Toolbox



You can have it all.  You just don’t have to do it all alone.. First call is always complimentary. No commitment required.



Life is full of lessons. Read the ones I’ve learned in real time here.



Connection is key, so I’ve curated a few community spaces for us to lean on each other. We are stronger together.

Hey, sister.

Sharing is caring. That's why I put out a Sunday newsletter sharing my 4Bs Before Monday: a book recommendation; a breakthrough (often reached via some sort of breakdown); a bomb-ass discovery (recipe, product, podcast, local hangout, etc.); and a bold declaration for the week. I call this my Sunday Share Chair, and I'd love to share it with you!