Dear Strong Woman,

Sometimes, when I’m craving silence in a sea of noise, I put in headphones and blast some music to drown out the world.

You know…add on another layer of loud…so I can think.

(A writer’s gotta write…right?)

And as I type this, I’m thinking…this is kind of bullshit.

I mean, I’m also thinking about science and colors and how black is an absence of light and white is achieved by adding more and more light and how my current method of layering on sound to achieve the same kind of extreme may be similar…

But I’m still leaning more towards bullshit.

It’s what we do, right?  When we don’t like how something is, we are more prone to covering it up rather than rightfully address the disturbance.  We cake cover up on pimples and extra layers over unwanted body weight. We add exaggerations to resumes and extra gravy to dried out meat. We shove junk into closets and drawers and then name them as such…and then buy more stuff to “make us happy” and call it retail therapy…likely by charging more to a credit card vowing to pay it later.

There are times when the make-the-best-of-what-you-have approach is noble, but there are also times when it’s just the easy way out.

Which, when you think about it, it isn’t easy at all…in the long run.

The junk drawer will need cleaned out.

The weight will need to come off.

The debt will need to be paid.

But if we let those problems grow, they become bigger than ourselves, which can make the thought of overcoming them incredibly overwhelming.

So if you feel yourself falling further and further into a hole, let this be your sign:

Stop digging.

Too hard?  Ask someone to help you.

And please hear me on this:  doing so is a sign of strength, not weakness.  It means you are serious about changing your story, so much so that you are willing to put yourself out there, risking judgement and rejection.  Sounds pretty brave, yeah?

So dig in your heels and stop digging, babe.

And hey, who knows? You just might inspire someone else to put down their shovel, too.

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