Dear Strong Woman,

Don’t cheat yourself when you treat yourself.

We really did this one right. We splurged on a nicer hotel that had both prime location and the most perfect pillows. We saw a Broadway show from mezzanine seats that were front and center. We had Thai food, cheesecake, and late night pizza without the guilt because we walked over 25K steps in 24 hours.

Less-is-more is an excellent concept to keep you grateful and present. Cheap-is-more is not the same thing. We could’ve spent less on the tickets, but we didn’t want to squint and strain to see the stage. We could’ve stayed in a cheaper hotel further away, but that would’ve meant a tighter schedule, a worse nights sleep, and yet another vacation leaving us wanting to take a vacation to recover.

I’m proud of how my money stories are evolving. A former version of me wouldn’t have been comfortable spending the extra bread. Current me defines “comfort” differently, prioritizing rest. Time. Space. I’m not at a point where I’m doing more than window shopping on Fifth Avenue, but I’m also not eating rice and beans in an effort to have my finances in order “one day.” I’m saving for tomorrow without cheating my choice to live now because life is short.

Who would’ve thought THIS mentality would help me crush a five-year debt pay-down goal in half the time?!

I’m not saying you have to do things the way we did, but I do hope you don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Take a stand for your worth; take responsibility of your experiences; take charge of how you do this thing called life;

And start living today.

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