Dear Strong Woman,

When our plans are interrupted, His are not.

I crossed something off my bucket list in the spirit of celebration. As a reward for having the courage to walk away from my job for the last time yesterday, I created my own Meetup group and hosted my first event today! 

Six RSVP’ed to join me, but only one came. I got in my head for a minute, making a list of all the things I’d done wrong that clearly deterred the others… AS ONE DOES, RIGHT? And then I reminded myself to focus on the facts (rather than the stories I was fabricating), and to focus on the person who WAS present.  Doing so resulted in rich conversation, and perhaps the beginning of a new friendship.

I shared the experience with a friend after the event, to which he quoted Matthew 18:20. “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” It reminded me that nothing happens by accident, and that, once again, there is a plan at work that I am not privy to.

Sometimes we get so locked-in to the outcome we’ve envisioned that we end up missing what’s right in front of us. Had I been unwilling to detach from my black-and-white sketch of this morning, I would have missed the rainbow sitting next to me today.

Growing only happens if you’re willing to let go of all the shoulds and focus on what is, darling. Release your grip and open your eyes to the miracles happening around you.


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