Dear Strong Woman,

Back to zero.

Juggling a lot at the moment, so much so that I almost let celebrating this pass on by. How often do we do that? Fail to give credit where credit is due because we’re just on to the next thing.

Well there’s no “credit” due here, honey! Because as of yesterday morning, this girl officially paid off all her credit card debt!

I took out a consolidated loan in November of 2016 and set myself up on a five-year track to get back to broke. AND THEN I CRUSHED IT IN HALF THE TIME. I hired a life coach who held me accountable to a project I designed to get me out of debt. Nothing went to plan – really, when does it? – and yet I STILL got there. While paying for a coach. And quitting my job. And traveling more in one year than I’d done in the five prior.

My biggest takeaway is this: money is nothing more than an exchange of energy. The more “energy” I put towards improving my life, the more energy compounded in my favor.

PLEASE CONSIDER THIS the next time you don’t want to spend the money on your own growth because it’s “too expensive.”

Compared to what?
Your dream life?
Your worth?

Stop seeking discounts when you are nothing short of priceless. Whatever it is, you CAN afford it.

Trust me.

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