We Are Stronger

Life is full of choices, but every once in a while – if we’re lucky enough – something chooses us. That, my friends, is magic.

The birth of Dear Strong Woman can be described in no other way. What started as my #strongwomanseries on social media, quickly turned into a blog, and later morphed into a community.  Evolution really is a beautiful thing.

Dear Strong Woman’s operates on the belief that sharing the messy parts of our story both brings us closer and makes us stronger. We bring this to life in the world with virtual and in person meetups, workshops, and an online community space for continued collaboration and connection. We’re basically your ultimate girl gang. 🙂

Dear Strong Woman aims to shift the story that says being strong means keeping it all together.  We have it that strength is required to drop the act and reach out for help, supporting the belief that weakness and strength go hand in hand.  Since keeping it all together and admitting when we’re a hot-mess express both require strength, we stand by the notion that the latter allows our true selves to be seen.


Strong Woman WARRIORS

Strong Woman Warriors is an safe virtual space for evolving women to connect, support, and celebrate one another. Come as you are and let your mess be your message.


Strong Start Squad

You can’t pour from an empty cup, which is why it’s important to take care of you FIRST. This group of women is dedicated to prioritizing their own well-being FIRST.


Strong Woman


Strong Woman DC is a group for women in the DC metro coming together to share our messy stories. **All events currently held virtually due to the COVID-19 virus.**