Everything is perfect

Dear Strong Woman,


You’re missing it.


You’re immeasurably gifted with sixth sense for what the world needs, but your anger at the fact there is a need at all is blinding you to the beauty the world already has.


It’s worked for you.


It’s how you’ve come to be a leader.  You find the problem and fix it. Find and fix. Find and fix.  But it keeps you looking for what’s wrong in the world, rather than seeing what is right.


You look at yourself this way, too.


That suitcase full of complaints is starting to get heavy.  You feel it’s effect on your body. In your heart.  And yet you’re attached to this bag of bricks.  You use them to build a wall between you and the ones who don’t get it, stacking them tall and wide to block your view of the problems.  


It also blocks your view of what’s possible.


This isn’t working for you anymore, sis!  Yes, you’re tired of being the one to stand up, speak out, get knocked down, and try again. And yet this is how you learn.  Success is not built on success.  It’s built on failure, frustration, catastrophe.


So trade your criticism for compassion.


You are exactly where you need to be, and everyone else is, too.  So b-r-e-a-t-h-e. If there is nothing to fix about where we are on the map, what action can you take from here?




Love yourself?


Guess what!  You can lead from this place, too.


You can make change without sacrificing your joy.

You can make an impact without giving up your peace.


You can love the world as is, while standing for what you know it can be.


Pause.  Take in the view.  


Everything is perfect.


Dear Strong Woman,

When our plans are interrupted, His are not.

I crossed something off my bucket list in the spirit of celebration. As a reward for having the courage to walk away from my job for the last time yesterday, I created my own Meetup group and hosted my first event today! 

Six RSVP’ed to join me, but only one came. I got in my head for a minute, making a list of all the things I’d done wrong that clearly deterred the others… AS ONE DOES, RIGHT? And then I reminded myself to focus on the facts (rather than the stories I was fabricating), and to focus on the person who WAS present.  Doing so resulted in rich conversation, and perhaps the beginning of a new friendship.

I shared the experience with a friend after the event, to which he quoted Matthew 18:20. “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” It reminded me that nothing happens by accident, and that, once again, there is a plan at work that I am not privy to.

Sometimes we get so locked-in to the outcome we’ve envisioned that we end up missing what’s right in front of us. Had I been unwilling to detach from my black-and-white sketch of this morning, I would have missed the rainbow sitting next to me today.

Growing only happens if you’re willing to let go of all the shoulds and focus on what is, darling. Release your grip and open your eyes to the miracles happening around you.


Dear Strong Woman,

Back to zero.

Juggling a lot at the moment, so much so that I almost let celebrating this pass on by. How often do we do that? Fail to give credit where credit is due because we’re just on to the next thing.

Well there’s no “credit” due here, honey! Because as of yesterday morning, this girl officially paid off all her credit card debt!

I took out a consolidated loan in November of 2016 and set myself up on a five-year track to get back to broke. AND THEN I CRUSHED IT IN HALF THE TIME. I hired a life coach who held me accountable to a project I designed to get me out of debt. Nothing went to plan – really, when does it? – and yet I STILL got there. While paying for a coach. And quitting my job. And traveling more in one year than I’d done in the five prior.

My biggest takeaway is this: money is nothing more than an exchange of energy. The more “energy” I put towards improving my life, the more energy compounded in my favor.

PLEASE CONSIDER THIS the next time you don’t want to spend the money on your own growth because it’s “too expensive.”

Compared to what?
Your dream life?
Your worth?

Stop seeking discounts when you are nothing short of priceless. Whatever it is, you CAN afford it.

Trust me.


Dear Strong Woman,

There are no coincidences.

Occasionally I pull from this deck of Gabby Bernstein mantra cards for inspiration. I haven’t touched them since I moved four months ago, but I saw them in my drawer as I was putting some things away and felt inclined.

I sprawled out the deck in my hand and pointed it towards Muzz. I had previously made a practice of pulling the first card his nose touched, so I stuck with that tried and true method tonight.

I’ve not been home more than thirty minutes from what I’ve lovingly deemed Cleo Weekend, a time spent remembering the day our best girl’s wings carried her away from us. In those four years since she’s passed, she visits me most frequently in the form of a hummingbird.

And here she is again tonight.

The response from my mother upon receiving this picture was this:

“Another person who enjoyed the last word in her older age. She was thanking you.”

I’m crying and smiling at the sound of her giggle in my head. If you don’t believe in the magic of miracles, it’s okay…I believe in it enough for us all.


I did a thing.

In an effort to raise my vibration around writing, I decided to surround myself with some like-minded souls who are also working on creating art with their words.  Thanks to Meetup, I found myself braving D.C. traffic this past Tuesday night after work to sit on a couch with strangers, in a stranger’s home, hoping to bring new energy to my craft.  

It was beautiful.

We did a handful of writing exercises that resulted in a momentum and flow I haven’t felt in a while.  One of those exercises was to write a letter to yourself from a future version of yourself.  Below is word-for-word what came out of the tip of my pen – which of course naturally started with my usual salutation – unedited and perfectly raw.  My favorite part? As I wrote the final two words, our host and timekeeper for this exercise said those same two words out loud.

It’s those little idiosyncrasies when the Universe is nodding at me, confirming that I am right where I need to be.

Sharing this in honor of the magic that comes from strangers uniting to create something beautiful.  I hope that magic finds it’s way to you, or better yet, that you go out and create it for yourself.

As my future self will tell you, act as if it has already been done.

Thank you for being here.





Dear Strong Woman,

Everything you can dream you can create.

Just know that it has already been decided.  Just know that yes, that small voice telling you to keep going is right…and it’s not your mother.

It’s you.

Your voice matters.  Your story matters. Not just because it is yours, but because it is simultaneously ours.

We belong to each other, and our stories, collectively, are what make for a beautiful light in a sometimes dark world.

So don’t you stop shining.
Don’t you stop writing.
Don’t you stop letting you voice be heard.

GET LOUD. Do you hear me? Turn up the volume and share what is true.  Because what is true for you may very well be true for others.

How will you ever know if you remain small and silent?

You were made for more.
You were placed in this world that is missing something because it is your job to create it.

For you.
For me.
For us.

Be our lighthouse. Blind out the dark with your brightness.  Be the light-worker you are called to be.

Setting yourself free will set others free in the process.


And quite frankly…

          it’s time.