Dear Strong Woman,

Don’t get it twisted.

Stop waiting to have confidence before taking action.  Take action in order to feel confident.

Read that again.

Let’s break it down:

Where is waiting getting you? (Nowhere.)
What is waiting giving you? (Anxiety.)
How is waiting serving you? (It’s not!)

I recently reconnected with a friend who is going through a job transition.  She said she is grateful for every place she’s been because it’s led her to where she’s going.  Every situation she’s experienced has presented her with a learning opportunity, a change to grow and become a better version of herself.

With this mindset, you don’t wait to feel confident because you’re confident that whatever choice you’re about to make is a necessary step in the process to create a better you.  When you adopt that notion, there is no right or wrong choice.  The only wrong choice is stalling to make a choice at all.

The only wrong choice is stalling to make a choice at all.

Confidence isn’t knowing something will happen in your favor; confidence is knowing you’ll be fine regardless of the outcome.

You are what you do, not what you say (wish, daydream) you do.

So go surprise your doubts…with action.

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