About Dear Strong Woman
Life is full of choices, but every once in a while – if we’re lucky enough – something chooses us. That, my friends, is magic.

The birth of Dear Strong Woman can be described in no other way. What started as my #strongwomanseries on social media, quickly turned into a blog, and later morphed into a coaching practice.  Evolution really is a beautiful thing.

Dear Strong Woman’s mission is to provide support to restless women in living a full, abundant life by tapping into the power already within them. Dear Strong Woman operates on the belief that we are complete as we are, with nothing broken; nothing to fix.  Accepting the present as is, we work in the gap, creating projects and taking on practices to generate a life lived truly by design.

About Meghan
Meghan Johnson is a freelance writer and success coach in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. Metro Area.  MJ (as most call her) believes our true strength shines brightest in our weakest moments, which she shares about on her blog and in her forthcoming book, May We Be Them.

A student of Accomplishment Coaching (The World’s Finest Coaches’ Training Program), MJ’s journey to become a coach started with her hiring one (in a pseudo “Hail Mary” fashion) to support her through an intense season of transition. The shifts she made in one year alone (moving to a new city, starting a new career, getting out of debt…to name a few!), inspired her to celebrate in the only way she knew how: by paying it forward and becoming a coach herself.

To know MJ is to know joy, compassion, presence, grace, and strength.  To know MJ is also to know her dogs (Muzz and Juno), her addiction to ice cream (chocolate peanut butter swirl), and her desire for deep connection. She believes sharing our stories can save the world, and she’s ready to pass you the microphone.

Hey, sister.

Sharing is caring. That's why I put out a Sunday newsletter sharing my 4Bs Before Monday: a book recommendation; a breakthrough (often reached via some sort of breakdown); a bomb-ass discovery (recipe, product, podcast, local hangout, etc.); and a bold declaration for the week. I call this my Sunday Share Chair, and I'd love to share it with you!