Meet The Author

Meet Meghan

Meghan Johnson is life & leadership coach residing in the D.C. Metro Area. MJ (as most call her) believes there is a power in all of us just waiting to be set free.

A leadership trainer with Accomplishment Coaching (The World’s Finest Coaches’ Training Program), MJ’s journey in coaching started with her hiring one (in a pseudo “Hail Mary” fashion) to support her as she rebuilt her life in the face of extreme teacher burnout. The shifts she made in one year alone (moving to a new city, starting a new career, getting out of debt…to name a few!), inspired her to celebrate in the only way she knew how: by paying it forward and becoming a coach herself.

MJ also has a passion fostering community by creating a safe space to put our messes on loudspeaker. She stands by the belief that our true strength shines brightest in our messiest moments, which she shares about on her blog Dear Strong Woman , in her video podcast series May We Know Them, and in her forthcoming book due out Summer 2021.

Working with Meghan is an expression of tough love at it’s finest. She says the thing you need to hear even if it makes you uncomfortable, and she does so in such a way that you’ll want to hug her for it. MJ helps her clients build muscle around looking within themselves for the answers they seek. Over time, clients report feeling at peace in situations that usually would’ve set them off, taking charge in scenarios where they normally would’ve referred to someone else, and making major shifts in areas where they consistently felt stuck. Her clients end up wasting less energy on other people’s emergencies, and in turn invest that energy back into themselves.

To know MJ is to know the delicate balance of compassion and courage. To know MJ is also to know her dogs (Muzz and Juno), her addiction to ice cream (chocolate peanut butter swirl), and her desire to create a world where everyone’s wildest dreams are realized. She believes the world would be a more beautiful, loving, and joyful place if we allowed ourselves to go after the things our hearts yearn for most, and she ready to partner with you in bringing this vision to life.